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Pre or Post Tribulation Rapture?

Before I discuss any points on either interpretation, let me first say this.... Whether or not the Rapture comes before or after the Tribulation, in fact whther or not the rapture occurs at all, (although I believe it will), is not fundamental to our salvation. The Tribulation rapture should be a point of interesting debate, it should never become a point of agitation or a point of looking at Brothers and Sisters in Christ with a different feeling.

There are people who claim to have verses that prove a Pre-trib rapture, there are also people who claim to have verses that prove a post-trib or pre-wrath rapture, and there is even scriptural evidence that points to a post Millenial rapture, but don't get agitated over the different interpretations.

The best defense: The best defense against deception is to hope for pre-trib, but to expect no Rapture at all. Why? First off, I hope for a Pre-Trib rapture, I don't want to be here anymore than anyone else does during that point in time, but I don't expect it, and I don't hold it as Truth. Have you ever had your hopes set really high on something happening, maybe that someone you had a crush on would like you, or a new job promotion, or a new business venture? Ever had those hopes shattered? Hopes and dreams shattered can crush the human spirit, it can break your heart, and even more dangerously it can leave you confused and full of questions, (read my Bible Study on Gen 3:1-6) this is exactly the type of weakness Satan uses to infiltrate our minds with other interpretations and/or beliefs. Like the great predator he is, he looks for a weakness, and zooms in on it. If we have our hopes held high for a Pre-Tribulation Rapture and we are wrong, it won't be some smart man telling us where interpretation was wrong or redefining what time frame we are in, it will be the Devil himself, just as it was in the Garden of Eden.

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